Dress Code

We hope that you will understand and respect camp rules! Here is the MCKC dress code:

  • No tank tops, halter tops, or sleeveless T-shirts
  • No short shorts (must be two inches past your fingertips when arms at side)
  • No skirts
  • No low cut shirts
  • No tight/form-fitting clothing (should have a couple inches of loose fabric)
  • No pants or shirts with holes in them
  • No white shirts during free time or activities (you will get wet)
  • No clothes with inappropriate logos or words


*MCKC Staff will have final say on what does or does not constitute a violation of the dress code. You will be asked to raise your hands or touch your toes; no skin or undergarments should be showing along your pant line. If you are not sure whether or not an article of clothing conforms to these rules, then please play it safe and do not bring it.

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